3 Pack Beeswax Wrap – my Eco Friendly Boutique
3 Pack Beeswax Wrap - my Eco Friendly Boutique

3 Pack Beeswax Wrap

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This Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap is Natural and eco-friendly, made from organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, definitely no harmful to the human body and environment, it’s best for sandwich storage because of breathable,easy to use and clean up, the warmth of your hands is all it takes to form your wraps to any shape.

Once the wraps cool down, they hold a nice seal for a bowl of left-over food. Just hand wash with mild soap and air dry, Just don’t contact hot water!

It’s really the kitchen storage Expert, just get one for your kitchen!

What’s in the package?

The Package includes 3 Pack Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap with 3 Sizes and 2
patterning, here is the Beeswax food Wrap Sizes and Patterning:

  • (14x13”)-1 pc bees patterning
  • (10x11”)-1pc bees patterning
  • (7x8”)-1pc bees patterning


  • Do not use with Raw meats such as fish or beef.
  • Clean wraps with cool water and little to no soap. Let the wraps air dry after washing.
  • Do not store in areas that are below 20F and above 100F.
  • Use the heat of your hand to shape the wraps.