5 reasons to adopt the bamboo toothbrush – my Eco Friendly Boutique

5 reasons to adopt the bamboo toothbrush



1)  Reduce plastic waste Plastic toothbrushes are generally not recyclable and represent in France more than 1400 tons of waste per year, which are mainly found in landfills and oceans. As a reminder, plastics take between 500 and 1000 years to degrade completely. No, the bamboo toothbrush will not end up in the ocean next to the plastic bags!

2)  Environmentally sustainable material Bamboo is a wood that grows extremely fast, naturally, and requires no fertilizer, which makes it ecologically sustainable. Yes your toothbrush is also biodegradable and compostable!

3)  Naturally anti-bacterial The active bamboo extract contains polyphenols, reputed for its anti-bactrian, antioxidant and healing properties. "Even more need of toothpaste!"

4)  Non-toxic Polypropylene, a component of plastic, is not toxic. On the other hand, manufacturers add chemicals to plastic toothbrushes to make the product more supple, more resistant, more colorful ... And these chemicals are found in your mouth twice a day!

5)  Too Stylish! Add an authentic and retro touch to your bathroom, a return to nature in an intimate part of your home!   

Good bye the plastic toothbrush, hello the bamboo toothbrush!